The Ultimate in All Terrain Vehicles

Hagglunds BV206

As used by companies and individuals across the globe

  • Easy to Operate

    The Bv206 is driven like a car so no special licence is required

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  • Easy to customize

    An endless choice of optional extras are available to install

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  • Unlimited Roles

    If you can think of a role for the BV206, we've probably done it

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  • Personnel

    BV206 Personnel Carrier

    The standard multi role body style for the carriage of personnel, goods and equipment.

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  • Cargo

    BV206 Cargo Carrier

    The cargo version is capable of carrying a payload of up to 2,000kg with the option to fit a crane

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  • Drops

    BV206 Drops/Multilift

    Capable of carrying a variety loads in palletised form which can be dropped off and collected.

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  • VIP

    BV206 VIP / Executive

    An executive model which has been prepared to customers own specification.

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  • Soft

    BV206 Soft Top

    The most basic option, can be fitted with a choice of rear body formats to suit a given role.

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  • Special

    BV206 Special Builds

    A development of the BV206 range of vehicles to suit a particular special role.

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    Hagglund BV 206 Soft Topd

    We have 75 to 100 units of the petrol engine (only) soft top variant Hagglunds BV206 available.

    We are currently offering these vehicles in as is condition with a workshop check at a reduced price making it the ideal opportunity for a fleet order or individual purchase.

    The units come with a steel rear body which was used as an ammunition locker but has been used by customers as a water or fuel tank by sealing up the side locker doors to make it water tight.

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