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Hagglunds BV206

As used by companies and individuals across the globe
and by members of the 


Hagglunds as used by ICDO members

Hagglunds as used by ICDO members

We have supplied hundreds of these amazing vehicles to customers including members of the International Civil Defence Organisation where the vehicles are used exclusively by the Civil Defence for the purpose of protecting life.

Our main ICDO customer is the Jordanian Civil Defence who have received the vehicles in several formats including:

  • General Purpose Personnel Carriers
  • Ambulance model
  • Fire Appliances
  • Specialised iFEX Fire Appliances
Jordanian Civil Defense

Jordanian Civil Defense

We have supplied the Jordanian Civil Defence with over 100 of the personnel carrier model BV206 which has a prominent yellow and blue colour scheme

These vehicles were selected for use by the JCD because of their outstanding capabilities in the desert terrain .

In this format the vehicles are used for many different rolls from passenger and equipment carrying to use as emergency rescue.

Jordanian Civil Defence Ambulances

Jordanian Civil Defence Ambulances

We also supplied a fleet of Hagglund BV206 Ambulances which have a bespoke rear body's which are designed to carry up to four stretcher cases and one attendent.

These vehicles again are in constant use.

Jordanian Civil Defence iFEX BV206

Jordanian Civil Defence iFEX BV206

The most recent vehicles to be supplied included the iFEX Dual Intruder impulse system as fitted to the BV206. The video below shows a machine being demonstrated tackling a large fire

Video of the BV206 fitted with the iFEX Dual Intruder impulse system
Dublin Civil Defence

Dublin Civil Defence

Whilst not a member of the ICDO, Dublin Civil Defence provide no less of a service to that of any of ICAO members.

The vehicles we have supplied are used in the role of providing an emergency response and have been successful in any number of situations and especially where flooding (vehicles are amphibious) and snow have been a prominent factor.

Disaster Relief Work

Disaster Relief Work

The Bv206 has been used effectively througout the world in life saving missions providing supplies to areas inaccessible to normal means of road transport.

The video below highlights this and shows the BV206 crossing areas that have been washed out by a Tsunami.

Video of the BV206 as used during the Tsunami Disaster Relief in Columbo
Air Portable for Rapid Deployment

Air Portable for Rapid Deployment

The BV206 is versatile by way of being air portable either by being carried within the hold of a C-130 as shown in the photo or by way of being underslung beneath a helicopter (certain models only).

This means that the BV206 can be dispatched to remote areas and operate in pretty much any terrain.

BV206 C-130
BV206 Ifex 1
BV206 Ifex 2
Hagglunds BV206 Atlas Air N493MC 44
IMG 2031
bay rescue
bv206 used for disaster relief

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